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 What sets US apart


  • In our management responsibility we ensure that we are a role model, facilitate common improvements and further developments on a continuous basis and deploy our employees in accordance with their strengths.
  • In the interest of the responsibility of all employees for their action, we ensure that they meet all the tasks assigned to them under their own responsibility.


  • Our claim is to ensure that the quality with regard to our products and work is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers and employees.
  • Our high standards of quality and safety must be lived by all employees when they carry out their tasks both externally and also at the company.


  • We promote interaction between all colleagues in a respectful way, irrespective of their origin or any restrictions.
  • We constantly improve the usage of resources through sustainable optimisations and a careful and economically responsible handling of raw materials and products.
  • We promote the ideas of our employees for their knowledge and their creativity are an important factor in our success and ensure the corresponding feedback.


  • Honesty and openness are some of the most important components for a healthy company for us.
  • We motivate us all to point out errors immediately in order to minimise effects and to learn from them.