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Krainer has a tradition,

The company was established back in the year 1959. At the time, Franz Krainer sen., with the help of his wife Margit, set up a sales and production site in Leibnitz. The first branch was founded in as early as 1964 and at the end of the 1960s, sales commenced outside of Styria. In 1969, the strong demand required the first stage of expansion of the current site in Wagna near Leibnitz, in the south of Styria. After rapid construction work, operations were relocated to the new building in 1970. The permanent growth and the continuous increase in satisfied customers led to the second stage of development in 1977 and the third in the mid-1980s. From this point in time, around 5.000 tons of meat and sausage specialities are provided every year throughout Austria on an area of more than 12500 m².

Since 1994, this successful family-run business has been managed in the second generation by Franz Krainer jun. who learned the butcher's trade at his parents' company and, after gaining his skilled worker and master craftsman qualifications, completed his training as a food technician in 1985. Today, Franz Krainer employs around 120 people. Since 1991, the company's products have been sold outside of Austria. The company has a subsidiary in Marburg/Slovenia that is listed throughout the country with all renowned food retail chains. There are general agencies and supply and trading relationships with Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia.

The company also includes a snack bar and a sales outlet with a comprehensive catering department in the headquarters at Wagna.

In the building of the former abattoir and in a newly built hall, maturing and air-conditioned rooms with an annual capacity of more than 1.000 t were put into operation. This expansion of capacity makes F. Krainer Fleisch- und Wurstwaren GesmbH one of the most renowned manufacturers of raw and dried products.

The high-quality air-dried meat specialities such as Styrian bacon, loin bacon, osso collo as well as the cooked ham specialities are firmly associated with the Krainer name at home and abroad.

With its more than 50 years of experience, the company today is not only an important partner of Austrian and foreign food retail and sales in the HoReCa sector. However, Krainer also stands for contract productions and is the producer of some important private labels such as "A echter Steirer" and "Steirerglück".

At Franz Krainer, great importance is attached to a host of traditional craftsmanship skills such as salting, curing, smoking, that are necessary for the production of exquisite specialities. The careful craftsmanship and an ideally equipped machine fleet at EU level are a guarantee for a reliable and rational method of working. Krainer is one of the largest and most modern meat-producing companies in Austria. For Franz Krainer, it is a daily challenge to combine innovative production methods harmoniously with traditional craftsmanship methods and thus to safeguard the exquisite quality of the Krainer specialities. Important prerequisites for this is compliance with the high hygiene standard, even with a weekly production of more than 90 tons.



The annual IFS certification confirms the high quality of standard. In addition, Krainer is also BIO certified and an AMA licence partner for some products in Austria.

This high level of quality and responsible operational management is guaranteed through a professional quality management, permanent training of all employees and was confirmed in all audits by renowned food chains in Austria and abroad.