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What does "A echter Steirer" ("A genuine Styrian") stand for?

Styria, specifically southern Styria, thanks to its great history, can draw on a regional culinary cuisine that is unique in Europe. From simple requirements, e.g. the preservation of food, regional product specialities such as "Geselchtes" (salted and smoked meat) or "Verhacktes" (bacon jam) were created.

Time and quality of life not only play an important role in production but are reflected in particular in the culinary philosophy products from Krainer. The appreciation of raw materials and the quality of the products made from them can be summarised in simple words:

Down-to-earth, proud and good - That is what "A echter Steirer" stands for.

"We are "A echter Steirer", because we are proud of
WHERE we come from and WHO we are."
  -Franz Krainer-